Helukabel is one of Germany’s leading cable companies, boasting an extensive range of cables, wires, special cables, media technology, cable accessories, as well as data, network & bus technology, cable protection systems for robotics and handling systems. It offers products tested to meet various standards expanded according to customer’s needs in any industrial applications.

With more than half a century of expertise in the cable industry, Olex offers instrumentation cables suitable for industrial environment. It provides a clean transmission of signals in potentially hazardous areas where high level of electromagnetic interferences are present.

As a specialist in developing and producing marine cables for more than thirty years, Helkama only offers halogen-free cables which improve the fire safety of the ships, thus, the range includes both flame-retardant and fire-resistant cables.

SEC, from Korea, provides electric wire and cables for low and medium voltage application. Established in 1968, SEC’s multicore armored power cables received approvals and certifications which prove their growth from cable design to their end product.

CMP, from UK, offers a wide range of cable glands applicable for varying environmental installation requirements such as mining, wet locations and other hazardous areas.

McGill offers the best choice when it comes to Rigid Steel Conduit and fittings for industrial and commercial needs. Products are corrosion resistant, hot dipped galvanized, made from high quality steel and welded at high frequency for easy and accurate welding, and undergone special designed bead removing process for wire protection and easy wire pulling and pushing.

With an excellent reputation as a U.S. designer and manufacturer of quality electrical connectors, terminal lugs and tools, Penn Union is committed in providing services to contractors, industrial, telecom and other markets with their UL approved and CSA certified products.

Rose offers an array of products which include control stations, terminal and empty enclosures applicable for all hazardous environments which demands an increased safety; made from stainless steel, polyester and aluminum.

Wiska stands out for its more than 85 years of experience in electrical engineering which enable them to develop products that can withstand mechanical stress and protect electrical installation from damp and dirt; products include cable gland and accessories, junction boxes, fixing materials and maritime lighting and electrical equipment.